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Do guys like tan lines, Like like line for tan who guys bbbw

Advice from three of our guy friends.

Do Guys Like Tan Lines

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Just so you know. While looking up tan lines, I was fascinated to discover that some men find tan lines a huge turn-on. Some husbands love that visual. Other hubbies like a uniform color of skin, whether white, brown, black, etc.

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They emphasize the fact that you are seeing something that is not for public consumption. T rue or False, you prefer flat-chested girls?

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Why do YOU have any? I like seeing the tan lines, because to me it lets you know that the person got the tan a natural way. Why can't guys like girls that have meat on there bones? You know, the caked on makeup, collagen injected lips, silicone breasts, and extensions?

Instant turn off. G uys, what kind of girls do you like. D oesn't really matter. Or would you rather your go for the natural woman? Where at? G uys do you like tan lines on girls? About F. Answerbag Terms of Service Privacy Policy.

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You can see a hot woman and then she bends over a little and you look down and see a tan line and think "Prude". Very sexy! Bullying, racism, personal attacks, harassment, or discrimination is prohibited. D o you think most girls look better tan, or pale? Rickster is victorious.

G uys: Which would you prefer on a woman?

Truth and tips about tan lines

Not too sure why since I agree that if there aren't lines it adds a bit of mystery to it. You also don't have distracting tanlines when wearing a sexy strapless top or dress. I have to say I like it both ways,tan all over right after we got done tanning indoor and lines during the summer months,idk,this has me all flustered I prefer no tan lines. Why you ask? I really like tanlines. Please seek professional guidance.

I like tan lines and full body tans. Y eah i do have to admit seeing a women with tan lines gets me hot Maybe it has something to do with fantasing about bringing her to a deserted tropical beach where she can work on her tan while a run sunscreen all over her body. Depends on your pervert factor and what does it for you.

Most helpful girls

Having no top tanlines gives you that mysterious look that everyone is talking about. T an lines are HOT!! Answerbag is for entertainment, so please be civil. W hy do guys prefer skinny chicks? M y wife is African-American and does not suffer from tan lines. No comments Permalink Share No comments. Rejiggering A Fat Babys Ass. I think it depends on the girl. M en, do you like fake women? D o guys really like when girls dye their hair super blonde, like platinum blonde, or do they prefer a more natural color? Y ou can either think about her butt assed naked in a tanning booth getting sprayed with liquid golden sun Or picture her lying out on a beach in a bikini.

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And also when you let someone see you naked, you get that how sexy tanline effect for the person you really want to turn on. Wow Happy. If it looks good, it looks good, and I wont question it. We try to vet our answers to get you the most acurate answers.

Discussion of suicide or self-harm is not tolerated and will result in an immediate ban. I would much rather see a full tan. T ans lines are a big turn-off. Nice Guy In Bay Area. Overly tan skin or really pale skin?

Although I have always found tan lines to be kinda sexy, as well. G uys M akeup or no makeup? Ask away and we will do our best to answer or find someone who can. Guys, what do you prefer on girls? Don Gorgeous George.

Tan lines?? sexy or not?

Or would you prefer thinking about her tanning au natural? Ironically, I'm also not a terrible fan of people going to a place to get tanned. G uys do you like tan girls or not? I 'd say you can have the best of both world by having tanlines from your bottoms and no tanlines up top. Either way, I'm with a naked woman:.