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Name: Merilee
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He worships my feet while wearing his favourite frilly underwear and then gets his monthly reward. I ordered him to do exactly the same, but now he was to watch me suck on a dildo.

Turning Him into a Male Chastity Slave. I already have him caged in chastity and force him to clean me up after I fuck my bull in our bed. Its one thing to be a sissy, but another to turn into a sissy cuckold. The sight of my realistic dildo would send him right to his knees to follow out my orders. Well it was a break from playing online BDSM games for him, which he did a lot online!

Sissy husband

After that, I ordered him to lick my feet clean. I unlocked his cage and ordered him to his knees.

Home Contact Privacy Policy. I did this for months and trained him to get erect at the mere sight of my naked feet.

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I ordered him to remove his pants and immediately step over to me. He came home from work one day and I was sitting on the sofa with my bare feet resting on the floor.

I have no problem with playing the long game. Once again, we did this for months. The difference.

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I used to milk his prostate once a month, but I decided to start off with the carrot before I moved onto the stick. I could tell that he loved this from the excitement on his face. I told him to stare at my beautiful feet and jerk his tiny cock until it shot its tiny load on my toes.

I want him to suck dick like a little bitch. Womens Perspective. Related posts:.

Then I took things to the next level. This has become a regular thing for us now.

I'll Be Your Chastity Mistress. However many guys like to go the whole hog — dressing up in pretty dresses, donning some lipstick and actually being there while their wife has sex with another guy.