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Crossdresser shaving legs, Ukrainian legs shaving up friend Crossdresser naughties

It would be sooo nice to be smooth and silky! Yet, is that what really happens?

Crossdresser Shaving Legs

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Most of us opting for pants to cover your legs instead of skirts. For a married crossdresser shaving sometimes it is not optional and it is best to comply.

Name: Blisse
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Final note: A bit of tan also helps your legs to look fabulous. At the moment my razor of choice for superior leg shaving is the Venus Swir l from Gillette. Sep 7, at am.

Rockers in Drag. What are your thoughts or experience with electric razors? Tags: crossdressingfeaturedleg shavingopinionVenus Swirl.

That night I think I either canceled my plans or went out with a bandaid under my hose. Subscribe If you enjoyed this article, subscribe to receive more just like it. As far as legs, chest and backs are concerned a ladies razor is a must. Aug 16, at pm.

It is way easier to shave your legs after hair regrowth. My first mistake was using the Gillette Good News razor which I used on my face successfully for years before moving up to multiple blade models. Sandal foot hose are barely acceptable Crossdresser and only for evening wear.

When I first started crossdressing I did not shave my legs. FAM says:. Go with a razor deed to shave legs. A self tanner could be a better idea. Aug 18, at pm. If you have shaved earlier in the day and leg is starting to peep out a bit you can use some types of electric razors to cut it back, right through your makeup. But watch out for UV radiation. I had a Braun battery powered razor at one time that was perfect for that. Thanks for your tips Kimberly Ann. I get many, many ingrowns on my shavings if I use an epilator or wax.

All you need is to guide the razor over your skin with a light touch and the five blades take every hair away. So maybe you should just dispense with an excuse and if anyone asks just tell them you shave your legs. The first time removing my leg hair I used Nair. Having smooth skin is popular in those sports. A lot. You are an inspiration to all of us.

Shaving aside, Angela what a Beautiful picture of you! Some get a full body waxing first then epilate, little pricey. Spread the love.

Which is a whole other subject in the hair removal world. Certainly there is always the white pantyhose look which goes with some summer outfits but then you have to wear closed shoes. The modern razors deed for leg shaving have flexibility built in and that means when they come to a bump they go over it smoothly instead of bulling on through your epidermis.

I have found that electric razors are helpful for touch ups. When I first gave in and decided it was time to get rid of the leg fur I knew nothing about shaving legs so I picked up my trusty Good News razor and set to work.

Aug 15, at pm. The crossdresser of today is a lucky girl. Venus Swirl. Now go on and banish that leg fur so you can lotion up your smooth sexy legs and show them off in a short skirt or a pair of the ever popular short shorts. Just 20 years ago it was not common for men to remove body hair but now it has become a lot more acceptable.

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There are many men these days who get waxed regularly. While fine in most air-conditioned buildings, getting to and from those buildings could make you sweat. Body hair is not popular. It was a three inch long slice of my epidermis. Drugstore brands may work just as well to condition your leg hair for eradication.

Privacy Policy Cookie Policy. There I was with smooth, awesome feeling legs the first time you shave your legs they feel amazing but there was this large bleeding wound on my shin. This method of disguising hairy legs as smooth legs worked pretty well in the winter months.

What about shaving body hair and/or crossdressing?

These are my opinions and other people with different types of hair may have different preferences. Men also can explain why their legs are smooth by claiming to be cyclists or swimmers. The Good News had no bend or give to it. Subscribe to the following: Receive special notices about new products and deals from our partner TheBreastFormStore. Micheal says:. Experiment with the different kinds to find the one that is right for you.

If you are Transgender or a Crossdresser and are looking for breast forms please visit www.

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Like this: Like Loading She has appeared in film and television shows portraying TG characters, as well as representing Renaissance on numerous talk shows. Who is Online.

Then take a wash cloth and wipe the hair off your legs. Then if I was wearing an outfit that needed patterned or dark hose I would put those on over top of the other leg wear. Kathy Van Riper says:. Summer was a different story. Would they be a safer, easier, and effective alternative?

Electrics on legs are also good to go over your legs quickly but for a good smooth shave you need the blade razor. Never commit the sacrilege of wearing hose with open toed shoes or sandals. Gillette makes several different Venus razors to handle a variety of legs and different types of hair. For one thing heat and humidity made the multi-hose method very uncomfortable. Share the joy.

Again, experiment. Although I shave with a blade, I know more men who use pretty suficticated electrics on their faces. address:. I must say there is no better feeling than putting pantyhose on,having smooth hairless legs. Gillette also has a variety of foams and gels to use for your leg shave.