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Cheerleader rape and torture, Cheerleader rape and guy to torture

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Cheerleader Rape And Torture

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s: 1 [ 2 ] Go Down. Semiater Freshman Posts: 38 Merits 4. Her cheeks were flush with embarrassment and her body was shuddering as she stood before me on weary legs with her hands behind her back.

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Maria stood in the corner of the room as Doc went into his spiel. She literally moved an inch at a time, the towering heels, and the posture collar that kept her from looking down, slowed her pace. Bitch, get in here, now! I wondered which was stronger, her absolute horror, and fear of Doc, or the lust of getting used. Semiater aspererus yahoo.

Cheerleaders [hines]

She was panting from getting fucked, disappointed she was no longer getting pounded, I knew she liked, and needed it. Maria slowly followed as she staggered with each difficult step. She could barely brace herself as she fell to her knees at my feet. It was incredible, and whatever sympathy I may have had for the girl, it was gone, replaced by absolute lust and need. The pills, they started working pretty damn quick. Her hair was up in a ponytail.

Her arms were wrapped around his head, squeezing her tits against his face.

Cheerleader tortured and raped by the coach

And then the incredible contrast of the innocent teddy with the thick black leather collar snapped around her neck, and the cuffs on her wrists and ankles. I let go of her hair and pushed her back on the bed. Not only did the pills make my cock hard as hell, I was horny as fuck too. Emily was crouched on her hands and knees when I came back into the bedroom.

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There was a thick strap around her belly, pinning her tightly to the vertical shaft. You up for another round?

He suckled her breasts for a few minutes more. She hesitated for an instant, keeping her eyes on me, then ambled over the covers till she was on top of Emily and buried her tongue in her mouth.

Her hands were clamped on my wrist, trying to ease the strain on her scalp as I finger fucked her brutally with the other hand. I was face fucking Jayme brutally when her body went rigid and all the muscles of her throat convulsed on my cock. I pulled my dick out of her pussy easily, she was soaking wet and whimpered as my cock came free. By the end of the night Jayme was a mess. She forced her breasts around my raging cock, but it was too gentle for me, I moved her hands away and started doing it myself, digging my fingers into her flesh molding her breasts around my throbbing dick.

Cheerleaders' rape and torture

Jim was eager, waiting for me to be done. Then I stopped as suddenly as I started, my dick still locked in her glorious slit, my weight heavy upon her. Her pussy was completely shaven, her ass was crisscrossed with vicious stripes. I shook the last drops from my torture and felt the aching in my balls. Doc was down between her spread legs. Did I give you permission to play with yourself, and where the fuck did you get that? He let her do all the work, her thighs clinching, her belly tightening as she rode him like the devil.

I pulled my dick out from between her rapes and took hold of her hair, I undid the ponytail and dried my cheerleader in her long blonde locks, letting them fall free and the posture collar when I was done. The weights on her nipples clanged with every step she took. As she got in front of us, I could see the thick plug jutting from her ass, adding to her discomfort. The thing about her though was her tits, they were huge, she was rail thin, but her tits were massive, and obviously unaided by medical technology.

I heard her slowly climbing the stairs, warily mounting each step trying not to stumble. Monique cowered to the back of the cage as I opened it, she let out a squeal as I grabbed for her hair and tugged her out. I bellied up to Jayme, grabbed the back of her head and slammed my cock through the ring cruelly. I could tell they were work clamps, the real deal things, with metal teeth for gripping, no rubber covered ones for amateurs.

With her heels flat on cushion to the sides of him, she started bucking up and down on his massive pole. She mounted him knowingly, thrusting her tits in his face as his cock disappeared in her slit.

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Her hands were cuffed behind her back, locked to a chain attached to a ring on her collar, so she was twisted awkwardly with her wrists pulled up. The girl waited for Jim and I to move by her into the house, she made sure all the locks were done up behind, then slowly moved past us.

She cried out as I buried my cock in her tight, wanting pussy. At one point I looked over as Doc was abusing Jayme and saw Maria on her knees, I noticed for the first time there was a torrent of juices running down her inner thighs, pooling on the floor where she knelt while she kept her eyes fixed on Doc torturing Jayme. Instantly I felt her tongue swirling around my cock as she tried to suck me clean.

She was on her knees, her legs spread wide and ankles were clipped off to rings in the floor keeping her painfully open. On and on it went, it was an amazing thing to watch, you could almost see the fire in her belly the way she reacted to the smoldering gel on her skin. She looked a bit older, at least older than our girls.

I fell on her without mercy, I could hear her grunt as my weight collapsed on top of her. Doc had hold of her hair and was pulling brutally on her scalp, arching her head back. When we got to the stairs she took hold of the railing like her life depended on it, and it probably did, it was a struggle for her to make every step, not being able to see her feet, and hobbled by the heels.

Jayme looked with knowing fear as we came back into the workshop. Jim already had his cock between her lips and was skull fucking her. My dick ached and started to throb as we got closer, it always did when I visited him, never really knowing what was gonna come next, what abuse he was gonna heap on poor Jayme.

Cheerleader rape and torture sex movies

Where did you get this? I opened my eyes and saw Emily between my thighs, she was curled in a little ball lapping away at my cock. She delved between my legs, lifting my balls with her delicate hands and started licking my ass. The feel of her breasts was incredible, her nipples were rock hard and she moaned lovingly, I'm sure getting her tits fucked was something she'd experienced quite a bit in her life, with every guy she ever dated wanting to touch her breasts.

She gagged as he grabbed the back of her head and forced her lips around his massive cock. Except this time, there would be no spurting cum in her face as I'm sure normally happened.

There was a ring-gag wedged behind her teeth and she was blubbering incoherently. I just watched her, then grabbed for her hair and jerked her upright. I loved the shocked look in her eyes as she gasped for breath. It was such needed relief to piss. Heavy clamps were biting into her nipples with weights hanging cruelly from the ends. I expected Doc, but instead, it was a girl, of course a naked girl.

It took maybe a half hour but Maria finally returned. I was still so cheerleader it hurt. I could see the way her inner thighs went taut trying to close her legs, to ease the burning on her cunt, but it was pointless, she was bound so tightly that she could barely move an inch. I pulled my fingers from her sloppy snatch suddenly, then brought my palm hard against her face.

I pumped my hips forward, savoring the feel of her mouth locked on my dick and my balls crushed against her chin. Her legs trembled as she tried to stand upright, and still, on the massive pilings. I heard Maria grunt as his cock filled her completely and exploded inside her. Had her feet up in the stirrups pounding her pussy with one of the tortures. I got up from the couch, I pushed Maria down on her back with her shoulders up against the armrest, then I climbed on top of her.

Did you give her this? I had my fingers wound through her hair, my balls were pressed against her chin when the balm musta kicked in, because she started to scream. I grabbed for her collar and dragged her to the rape. I groaned and, though not unwillingly, as the wet tongue circled the head of my dick over and over again. He snapped his fingers and Maria was on her knees between his thighs in a heartbeat, she knew better than to make him wait.

I could see the strain in her tits as Jim used her brutally, stretching and pulling her already tortured mammaries each time he pulled on her head and buried his cock in her mouth. I loved it. I could see the bruises on her knees from where she must have fallen many times, so she was cautious. My hands went to her throat and I started to pound into her belly.

I knocked on the door, it took a few minutes, probably a good 5, if not 10, but finally I heard the snap of the locks. I almost felt for her by the time we got into the basement, almost. She ran her tongue the length of his shaft, cupping his balls in her hands as he taunted her tits. Doc finally removed her tits from the frame, then ass fucked her while using the balm and electricity on her clit.

When I finally exploded in her mouth I was almost lightheaded.