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Cas and meg kiss, Wonderful Cas kiss meg to and

He is an Angel. She is a Demon.

Cas And Meg Kiss

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The CW's Supernatural has had a successful run of 15 years and is now, finally, concluding its epic saga of the brothers Winchester. Castiel Misha Collins has been one of the lead figures of the show since season four, and he's often considered an honorary Winchester. The taciturn angel has had a profound relationship with the brothers, especially Dean. Apart from that, he finds it difficult to make a lot of friends. But there was one character on the show, aside from the brothers, who developed a strange connection with him that went beyond definition.

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Created Aug 17, Top posts january 29th Top posts of january, Top posts Back to Top. Found the internet! Well that explains.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, after all! Thanks for the reply btw.

Season 6 spoiler. Why did Megstiel happen so suddenly.

I believe the meta reason why Meg and Castiel so quickly ended up together is because the Dean x Castiel shipping fandom had become very popular and CW wanted to counter the perception of the show being "gay" by having a heterosexual relationship. He maybe felt the film he watched was educational.

I don't really get why Megstiel happened at all to be honest. Continue this thread. Castiel is the socially awkward angel.

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Reply Share. Posted by 9 months ago. When Castiel kisses her back he says he 'learned that from the pizza man' - a character from the porn movie he watched earlier in the episode. Click to see spoiler.

Yeah especially when Cas knows what Meg did in the past I think he knows How could he ever find beauty and romance in her?! I don't think there's much difference in the true form between demons and angels.

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Meg kisses him partly for devilment she is, after all, a demon but also in order to steal his angel blade. He probably thought it was what he ought to do when kissed by a woman Ya brain would be fried watching too much porn.

He can see her real face and it's supposedly hideous. Meg is the type to flirt with Castiel but I never understood why he would reciprocate that attraction. Sort by: best.

My take on this is that Castiel had just been watching porn before the raid in the episode 6. Idk but I did love the Meg and Cass duo not that it lasted very long.