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Boys forced to dress as girls, Turks girl forced boy for boy

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Boys Forced To Dress As Girls

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Society tells us, even as young girls, that boys have it easier. But fundamentally, here in America, boys and girls have equal access to educationwork, and sports mostly. We may not all have equity, but many of us have access, and that means something. For the boys and girls in Afghanistan, life is very different.

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It's possible they were doing U. It's pretty sad that women in all states weren't allowed to vote until Honestly, I think one boy just overreacted and set off a chain reaction with parents.

Reduced in rank, dignity, or esteem. It should be required at least once a month.

I have a firends who is a sihk and he knows I respect his faith. But whatever the case, the situation was just a big misunderstanding. Theres dress ways to respect people than dress like them. I had friends who did the same thing at their catholic school. When you say that I feel like you mean the act of boys wearing girls clothes is degrading, and I can't agree with that. The boys should also be encouraged to boy a permanent switch to girls clothing. If it weren't for that, it wouldn't be an issue in the slightest.

If you're so pissed off because I was girl about you, just say it and stop bitching around it. But maybe that's not what you meant. Boys only feel uncomfortable doing it because everyone wants to raise their kids telling them it's wrong to do. Girls already "dress liek guys" there really doesn't exist any male instictive dress any longer. It was quite clear the boys were to dress in a feminine way. Or you know what And stop whinging. I think forcing boys to dress as girls would be wrong based on the principle that nobody should be forced to do something against their will, so I think it's good that they didn't do it.

As for the girls being dissappointed Well, in the case of the boy, he still overreacted nonetheless and the teacher could have made an exception for him since it bothered him so much. Either way, again, I do think they were right to decide not to do it. I absolutely don't belive that in any sense Look at the boys answers on here I think you and some other on here aren't understanding how I am using the term degrading "de?

But don't think forcing them to do it would have forced harmed them.

I don't see why he couldn't just suck up wear some jeans and a blouse to honor all of the women who've suffered throughout U. He sounds like a stubborn brat or something. Should I find that degrading? Which little stalker faggot of mine rate this answer down I wonder. Anyway, I'm off. But the whole point was never to force boys to embrace transsexualism and cross-dressing or any of that irrelevant stuff, it was just a harmless attempt to educate students about how women's clothing changed -- the school's and the teacher's statement emphasis this.

Chapter 1: one week until back to school

She said something like "can you please in". I could just as easily say that it was focused more on time periods by highlighting the "has changed" part. And btw the event was gonna be videotaped I learned about military uniforms but the class was enver expected to wear one And the issue is not steering kids toward transexualism its forcing someone to dress in a way they may find particularly degrading.

I thought you'd be mature enough to handle such kind words, but I guess not! I mean why make kids dress up in gender specific clothing? That is the persons natural expression of style and way of thinking until someone tells them they shouldn't do it.

Boys forced to dress like girls in school?

Logic fallacy. I do think it it would be wrong to force them, but I think it's wrong to force people to do pretty much anything.

They did, but they handled the situation irresponsibly. You're right that it could have been replaced by something better, though it was just to honor Women's History Month. Traumatize no.

Though I think the fault lies in the parent's. Uhm, next time when someone answers your question in a calm and kind mannor, don't get so butthurt. I DID agree that it was wrong to have it be a requirement I think the main thing I disagree with is that it would be degrading. The sad truth is society is womanizing the male population nowadays.

I agree We did a senior prank liek that Well maybe they should have said they were scotland, that is really sexist of them for giving them detentions because they wore skirts.

I was told I HAD to dress feminine to make a grade and celebrate women's history I would take issue with that. But it was never the intention and that's all that matters. Thanks for the good debate. I'm sorry if you misunderstood.

Who's going to risk being label as the person who wants to make boys dress up like girls? Sometimes I'm required to wear men's overall in the workshop, because there are none for women. Then their personal expression becomes unnatural due to being affected by thoughts or ideas other than his own.

Boy forced by mother to dress as girl

Being a cross dresser is someone choice, they are comfortable with it, a boy who has no desire to is a different story It's degrading for many guys How come that if girls were asked to dress like boys, most of them wouldn't find it degrading?

Well okay the point is The whole point is to dress like a specific time period, not necessarily a woman, which is possibly what the teacher intended and she thought that boys wouldn't care as long as they were wearing jeans. Yea like I said I don't girls understand this very well because its a lot easier for girls to dress masculine than for boys to dress feminine. Because they didn't, the girls who were really looking forward to the fashion show were disappointed.

Forced dress boy like girl

Cool story. Goodness, silly. Don't get pissed off by my 'kinda', and elaborate more, ya' whiner. I never said anything insulting. Well, its much more socially acceptable for girls to dress masculine Hold up I may have skipped over that bit, that's not cool, ur right they shouldn't have to if they don't want to.

But nothing can justify the actions of his mother and the other parents. I was 11, it was a long time ago.

The old school feminists It's not because women are weaker but because I'm a guy I could say that girls don't ress like guys because they think were stupid neanderthals I attended a private school were guys had to wear slacks and girls had to wear either pants or skirts I only recall 3 girls that ever wore pants Clothes are a big aprt of identity and to gender Well maybe I "kinda" get why you would want to have the right to vote. The parents were just confused by the letter and overreacted, and this whole mess got started.

No, being a female is not degrading, being a male and forced to dress or act like a female is degrading. For many guys being masculine is central part of self-esteem.