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Babysitters bathing boys, I liked babysitter bathing that boys reading

Starting next Wednesday I am babysitting an eleven year old boy whose mother I already knew.

Babysitters Bathing Boys

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For many teenagers and young people, babysitting is a rite of passage. While it can be a fun gig, babysitting is not without its challenges—chasing around naughty kids, awkwardly changing diapers, figuring out how to put kids to bed—these are all par for the course. But sometimes babysitters encounter some truly bizarre things. I had also never babysat anyone before and had no idea why they asked me. This was quite the shocker to me and I was really uncomfortable with it, but I stayed anyway. I was to keep my skin entirely covered because they were concerned that the newborn drooling on me was too intimate.

Name: Jill
Age: 23
Color of my iris: I’ve got enormous gray eyes
My body type: My body type is quite overweight
What I prefer to listen: My favourite music latin
I have piercing: None
Smoker: Yes

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Once under the water, I felt more comfortable, and all three of us talked - mostly about teachers and school - while my sitter soaped and washed me. Anyway, I never gave it a thought, only being 8, when we moved to that town and she started sitting for me, maybe once every week or two.

It was usually the same high school girl; she was 3 or 4 years older than me and she started when I was around 8; so she must have been 12 when she started. In the USA, also, many urologists are sugesting mandatory circuncisions for new born boys. My sister married when she was 18 and her husband was I was 13 and her new brother-in-law was also We boys often spent our weekends with the newly weds.

I never had trouble talking to girls, or asking for dates. Report 1 1 8 years, 3 month s ago. I was fine with the whole arrangement, and never gave it a thought as I got older.

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She lived two houses down the street. We would all sleep in one room. Questions and Answers. I loved it.

It makes him feel loved and safe. I was given baths by my mom, sister and the babysitter everytime I had a sitter up to age 13 or maybe 14 - don't remember exactly, but was up till I was getting into puberty. This was nothing new to my sitter and me, and it never bothered me when I got a stiffy with just my sitter, but with company, I was a bit self conscious about it.

Having a female bathing a boy regularly, gives him a sense of security and confidence in himself. Getting dried, she had me put my arms up while she towel dried under my arms and my sides, leaving my erection bouncing about in plane sight for all ro see. After that, it was bathing a regular bath - which I loved because of all the boy I was getting, babysitter, it just flat out felt good.

I did get a little uncomfortable though, when she had a friend over for company. Report 5 2 10 years, 3 month s ago.

Interestingly, those few girls were always nice to me, even though they were Juniors and Seniors, always saying hi to me and smiling - in a friendly way. This question has 10 answers. It is about time to do it. Similar Questions.

That was a very big deal for a freshman boy, and it gave me a lot of confidence with girls my own age. Sis and my brother-in-law would bathe us together. Fo me, getting baths by the babysitter, and sometimes with her babysitter there, was one of the best parts of my growing up.

So I'd come up after the tub was filled, and they seemed to be preoccupied with whatever they were talking about, while I undressed, with my back toward them, and quietly boy into and under the water, which was crystal clear and didn't hide a thing, but it felt like it did. I was generally OK until it was bathing to get out of the tub and get dried off. That made me feel good. I would sleep nude with the other boy except when we went to the summer home.

Bathed by babysitter at 12

I liked her and she liked me. Latest activity: 8 years, 3 month s ago. Let's us leave that babysitters to our men of science. These boys rarely experience the awkwardness of talking to girls as they enter puberty, or the insecurity of their own body as they have to undress in the locker room. Report 2 1 9 years, 9 month s ago. Report 2 0 10 years, 3 month s ago. So at the end of the day, stay out of the court system and jail or juvie-you know the question is jsut plain stupid.

Bathing is a very personal experience, and a bathing, knowing that there are a of females in his life who have had their gentle, loving hands all over his body, in his most private areas, even with erections, all with gentleness, and understanding, will feel that he doesn't ever have anything to fear. Question: should teenage female babysitter give a 12 year old boy a bath? The creationists, with their religious and anti-scientific thoughts, are absolutelly wrong about that matter. Report 1 2 10 years, 3 month s ago. It always felt good, but when there was another girl there - watching, I boy get a boner, every time.

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I gave the boy i was babysitting a bath and oh my.

Here's the thing: boys who are regularly bathed by a female, almost always are better behaved in all areas of their lives; at home and school. Certainly two or three years into puberty; this time is particularly important as those are the babysitters when a boy feels the most insecure, and most needs the acceptance, and approval of a loving female when he is most vulnerable - sitting naked in a tub with an erection under the water. They never actually washed me, but they were in the bathroom sitting on the closed toiled lid so they could talk; and watch and see.

This is boy abuse pure and simple-for both parties. I really liked being in the tub with the water running - I liked all the bubbles etc. They know what is correct and right. The more I tried to not think about 'It' so it would go away, the more it stayed hard.

As Alan Kardec, the spiritualist, said : " When your religion collide with the science, stay with the science". As soon as I heard the water running, I'd dash up to the bathroom, pull my clothes off quickly and jump in the tub. If you think I am wrong, call CPS, you might want to use a pay phone becaue they track phome numners and you can bet they would like to talk to you. Boys should be bathed by females, mom, older sister, babysitter, aunt, cousin, grandma, etc.

I didn't want them to see me being totally immature, and having fun. At home, I had to remain dressed until bedtime. I'd be watching TV and she'd go up to run water in the tub. As Alan Kardec, the spiritualist, said : " When your religion collide with the science, stay with the science " That's is the babysitter thing to do.

Report 7 8 9 years, 9 boy s ago. Tags : 12BabysitterbathingBoyfemaleteenage. Get bathings when some one else answer on this question.

Paano ako magiging isang magaling na manunulat? Mom I'm sure would have a fit if she knew that the 4 of us were nude. After all, she'd been giving me baths since I was 8 - there was nothing for me hide, and nothing she hadn't seen. You're reading: should teenage female babysitter give a 12 year old boy a bath?

Her friends were just girl-friends from school, but one or two of them were only a year or two older than me. When my sitter had a friend over, which was fine with my parents, I didn't rush up to play, 'Waterfalls'. There is no rationale fot this to happen and under no circumstancses should this be allowed. Follow Question.

The newly wed were nudists and the 4 of us would remain nude all week end after sis bathe us.

Bath time was at 9. Has neco result come out i want my index and my invoice is F How about GoldkeyEshop.

And I'd put my head under the running water spout to get my hair wet, and get it shampooed and rinsed under the spout just as the tub was full. The creationists, with their religious and anti-scientific thoughts, are absolutelly wrong - as in everything against the evolution theory, about that matter. Question Stats Latest activity: 8 years, 3 month s ago. The only exception were my shoes, which I had to remove when entering the house. Absolutely OK! A 12 yo boy is just that, a little boy. Share your knowledge and help people by answering questions.

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I had older girls who not only liked me, but talked to me, in public. Report 3 5 10 years, 3 month s ago. I had conflicting feelings - some embarrassment and some exhibitionism. I clearly remember 'Having Company' during my bath pretty much up till I didn't have a sitter anymore at age At 14 I was in 9th grade - High School - and there were girls I rode the bus with, and passed in the hallway, who had seen me naked, getting a bath, with my little, early puberty, erection. We had a good time together, and consequently, I was never out to, "Give the sitter a difficult time.

Report 6 1 10 years, 2 month s ago. It was like being under a waterfall. Other Questions. That's is the right thing to do. Report 2 3 10 years, 3 month s ago.