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Baby powder fetish, Extrovert girl fetish friend baby for humiliation

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Baby Powder Fetish

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Name: Sandi
What is my age: 33
Nationality: Ukranian
Tone of my eyes: I’ve got lustrous gray eyes but I use colored contact lenses
Hair color: White
I like to listen: Classical
Smoker: Yes

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Mentanna- Library cards??

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I like to be somewhat in control of my emotions so surprises make me uncomfortable. Can I narrow it down to just 7? I carry a small travel-sized baby powder in my purse at all times. All different. People who I never would have met if we didn't share this crazy thing called blogging.

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I, on the other hand, love the immediate hot to cold feeling. I need a smaller one to fit in my purse, but have my eye on a larger, fancier one! I have trouble talking to strangers in person, not in blogland. I don't like chewing gum. Are you back in Turkey or still in the States?

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Some Muslims. We are all individuals. I love walking out of cold buildings or restaurants and it being hot outside or in the car. I try to walk on it with my sock feet to try to blend it in to the carpet or wipe it off the bathroom floor. These friends come from all walks of life. I don't have to know what my Christmas gifts are or anything like that.

I am not ashamed of any of my blogger friends. Don't worry people I just want to smell as fresh as a baby's bottom!

I love chewing gum and I love surprises. She wants to know 7 quirky things about me. I used to love it, but starting in about 11th grade I couldn't handle it anymore. I just don't want surprise parties, surprise visits to Turkey, or surprises that might make me cry.

There are some really interesting people out there. Post a Comment. Sunday, April 06, Friends and my quirks. We blog. I mentioned in a blog post that I have loved getting to "meet" other bloggers over the internet.

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I don't mind waiting in lines. Some married. When I spend the night away from home I often leave my mark with baby powder on the bathroom floor.

And we examine our own hearts and lives and hope to grow in some way through sharing our lives with each other. The few times I have decided to leave it at home I needed to take a picture of something. Some Christians. I have a baby fetish fetish.

Some are around my age. Well not always, but I do find myself freezing in almost any building I walk into. My friend, Lori, tagged me for a meme. Some single. Like being unable to chew gum and a lust for big hair bands and enjoying baby in lines. We invite others to examine our lives and comment on what they see.

Most of the time I carry a sweater or my blue jean jacket with me so that I have an extra layer to put on when I get cold. Do tell?? We feel. I powder my camera with me everywhere I go.

Sometimes what we see in others makes us uncomfortable. I use it daily. It makes me sick to my stomach. I refuse to smell bad. I take my camera most everywhere.

I have deleted a few lines that were originally here in this post. Sometimes multiple times.

Hey wait a minute. And to leave your mark as well. Only 7? But always we think. OK, I've heard of stranger quirks.

Sometimes we squirm in our seats because of the ideas presented to us from other bloggers. I love that immediate cold to hot feeling.

If you read this post before the edit and would like more information about what was written ly just leave me a comment. I don't mind waiting in lines, as long as I have a book to read. We put our thoughts and feelings out there for others to read. Some from many other countries. I am always cold. I'm sorry to hear about your grandmother, and I promise always to let you know when I will be visiting you in Turkey.

Some live in America. But we all have one at least this one thing in common. To read my ramblings. Home. I love being cold and hate being hot!

My stats are going up, Up UP! A baby powder fetish, huh? I have my reasons for this. I don't like surprises. Go figure. Some are older than me. Until you realized what an obnoxious, foul mouthed cretin I am at which point you delete them and their blog from your life.

Some quite a bit younger. Some gay. Pictures of life, random thoughts, and lessons learned from Turkey to Texas. Thanks for playing!

Not sure what that is about, but there it is. And I am NOT gay! Not at all. I don't always use it, but I always have it with me. People who get my need to blog People who understand how it feels to put something down on virtual paper for myself and for others to read. I hated that feeling of not being able to.


Thanks for taking time to get to know me. The Carmex addiction may need an intervention soon I say that as I apply my own That was very nice, kiddo - thanks!

On a good day! So guys here's to you! I love 80's music. Though,I still think you should be first on the sidebar! I have never really felt comfortable with a long list on my sidebar linking the blogs I read. I will try.