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Asstr first time, I'm pick guy that wants Asstr

Gosford rides to Dallylong to see his beloved Elizabeth Carleton. His longstanding fantasies are fulfilled. MF, 1st, humor, rom Mr.

Asstr First Time

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Name: Arline
My age: 19
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Straddling my little angel's pert buns as I rubbed lotion onto every inch of her had caused a stirring in my loins. I put more lotion on the insides of her cheeks, slowly rubbing with my finger, circling her pretty little hole, and tapping it a couple times with my index finger. A searching finger had found my little girl's red nub in between her lips, hiding like a jewel. She looked like a dirty angel, hands on her hips and pouting at me.

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Hey let's go swimming! A family had emerged from the rocks burdened with lawnchairs and coolers. I smiled. A firm pressure tented my shorts, poking downward against her tiny pink bottoms, pushing into the sweet space between her buttcheeks. Her little pink bikini two-piece had a fairly revealing top and an adorable skirt frill around the bottom.

My baby girl's deep blue eyes and golden hair were going nicely with the tan she was getting from so much time at the beach. Her head rested on the towel and she wiggled her butt for me. Shae was squatting at the surf again, probably harrying another crustacean. I was rock hard inside my shorts and had begun sweating.

The dad was whistling at the kids who were screaming as they tore down the sand towards the water. My daughter's perfect little body was having an effect on me. It did feel nice.

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Being an executive of a global logistics company was stressful sometimes, but it did give me a flexible schedule and it was nice to just cut loose and take a few weeks to relax and recharge. The family had packed up and left.

Somehow, Shae had begun developing some curvaceous features, and I admired her smooth skin, and perky little butt as I massaged her back. I paused at the bathroom door. If I thought my 7-year-old daughter's ass looked amazing in the swimsuit, it was even better out of it. My dick strained painfully against the fabric, begging to be released.

She got a massage from him and it seemed fun. I worked both hands around my little girl's privates, squeezing them, making her labia puff Asstr toward me. Straddling my baby girl's legs on the towel, I d rubbing the lotion on the smooth stretch first her back. This left me numb for a while, empty and angry as I struggled alone, but I decided to focus on raising my little girl right. Her mother took off around a year after her birth, saying she had had time of diapers and didn't want anything more to do with me or the baby. Drama, romance, arguments, and betrayals kept them constantly at each other's throats.

I squirted more lotion onto my hands and then started on her neck, gently rubbing it in an inch at a time. More lotion lower down, slowly, gently tracing my fingers around the outsides of her vagina, watching the skin ripple and flush. My baby girl's nipples were only an inch from my reaching fingers, and with each motion I moved farther down, hoping to feel the little nubs under my fingers.

You go on ahead. I hesitated.

Her petite body stretched curvaceously all the way down to the domes of her sweet little buttcheeks, which pushed up against my swim shorts. I rubbed more lotion into her shoulders. There weren't first many people here on this stretch of sand, and today I Asstr seen only a few strolling couples and another family farther down past the docks. I squirted more lotion and began rubbing it over her sweet cheeks, all around her hips, and then moved inward. I looked around for the bulkiest towel we had, something to hide the raging steel rod in my pants.

Daddy's going to sit here for a bit. Her hair was tangled, her bikini was crooked, she had lost a sandal somehow, her bottoms were askew, and she had sand all over her legs and tummy. It had been a surprise to find it was available in a size so small. She squirmed lightly under my ministrations. Hairless and smooth with puffy pink lips, it begged to be rubbed and pinched.

I began gently massaging the lotion into my daughter's arms, rubbing it into her smooth coppery skin. She had the cutest little butthole, and just beneath it was a delicate, perfect little slit, free of hair. I pulled the magazine off of my face, where it had been comfortably blocking the sun. Well there's only one shower here. I turned just in time to see my grinning daughter halt her mad dash across the sand and lob a squirming crab at my face before shrieking and running off time.

Don't you know anything, silly?

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Now I was glad I hadn't. Here, lie down on your towel and I'll show you how to rub it in. Shae had an obsession for clothing, and I hadn't had the heart to say no. Shae sighed as I worked my hands over her skin. No pedestrians. If I hadn't been so comfortable I would have chased her. Laughing, I nudged the little guy off the towel with my toe. You only need a little. Shae had buried her head in the towel and arched her back slightly with a tiny moan. My dick had strained against my shorts all afternoon, thinking about my daughter's perfect little snatch.

The silly reality show had captivated my daughter since it first aired.

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She disappeared with her jet-setting millionaire boyfriend and I hadn't heard from her since. I looked around. She had seen it in a magazine a week earlier and promptly announced that she had to have it for our beach trip. I nodded. A whistle, from down the beach. We got back to our rental house baked by the sun and covered in sand, mostly because my baby girl's efforts to build a sand castle quickly devolved into a game of throw-as-much-sand-as-you-can-everywhere.

Shae was tearing across the sand towards the surf, arms flailing like a lunatic, loose golden hair steaming behind her. I'll just do a little on your butt, ok? Squeezing some lotion from the tube, I kneeled down next to her.

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She was going to be a real knockout when she grew up. The beach had been a good idea.

She was resting her head on her hands, eyes closed, the bikini top loose under her chest. My hyperactive girl was in great shape, and it showed in her athletic frame. I kept working my hands down my daughter's smooth back. She surprised me when she reached back and yanked the tie on the bikini, pulling the strings to the side and giving me unfettered access to her entire back all the way down to her pink bottoms.

I couldn't believe how perfect her tiny little pussy was. Nobody was in sight. Your butt won't get sunburned. A troop of ditzy teenage boys and slutty girls had been dropped onto a desert island and challenged to survive by their meager wits, apparently unassisted by the camera crews that followed them everywhere.

She dropped it carelessly and began rubbing the goop furiously over her arms.

I had been daydreaming again. She really was amazing. My girl had closed her eyes and was breathing harder, but she jiggled her butt for me again, inviting me to continue. Can you give me a massage like that Daddy? I filled both of my hands with my baby girl's bum, working the lotion into her skin, squeezing them together and apart again. It was just me and my baby girl alone on the beach. My baby girl has been the light of my life since the day she was born. The challenge of bringing up a daughter by myself was daunting, but after years of blood and sweat, and no small amount of time off from work, I was able to enjoy the sight of my beautiful 7-year-old girl dashing across the sand, screeching gleefully as she scattered flocks of sea gulls.

Asstr first time

She huffed and flopped down on her belly on her pink-and-yellow striped towel that was laid out next to mine on the sand. Shae had grabbed the thick tube of tanning lotion in her hands and was greedily squeezing it all over her arms and face. I finished her backside and shifted forward to rub more up and down the sides of her body, hands sliding in long strokes from shoulders to hips, working the oily cream into her skin. She giggled.