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Anakin and ahsoka fanfiction lemon, I'd ahsoka looking up Anakin that lemon fanfiction

As I stared around at the council I noticed many different expressions. The one of the males being of disapprovement. It looked as though they were mentally undressing me and it creeped me out.

Anakin And Ahsoka Fanfiction Lemon

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Ahsoka was completely compliant opening her mouth letting him in as their tongues twirled he opened his eyes to gaze into hers he found something shocking her eyes were completely black "Ahsoka your eyes are completely black" just as he said that her eyes snapped back to her normal beautiful blue eye.

He thumbed the open button "listen troope She seemed to be in a trance as she began to rub him up and down causing him to gasp at the feeling and, making him want to touch her.

During early 5th season of the clone wars which I have only seen part of, honestly pulling stuff out my bum here, a republic ship I'm imagining something vaguely resembling a flying bus was descending through the atmosphere of Coruscant in a fiery descent the way that objects hitting an atmosphere do. Ahsoka's eyes went wide and her face contorted with about 6 different emotions all at the same time, not sure whether to be pissed off, scared, amused, offended, sympathetic for this nut job, or just plain exasperated.

As he arrived he saw Ahsoka walk up from the opposite direction in a one of her sleeping outfits that consisted of a pair of sweatpants and a light tank top that stopped above her navel she looked very sleepy. However, fortunately for him, he managed to catch himself on the ledge and pull himself up.

How could they!

Would love your recs for anisoka (anakin skywalker / ahsoka tano) - especially 🍋🍋🍋

When she regained her breath Ayla walked over to her "do you feel better now" oddly she did, confounded Ahsoka looked up how could she know,did she know? The guy needed to be attending "egomaniacs anonymous" meetings, but these silly people were instead throwing a fucking parade for the colossal douche bag! Ahsoka punched left, and right hitting the punching bag. Ahsoka just finished her long work out when she looked at rex again he was just standing infront of his bag looking into the distance.

Are you alright?! The man continued, "The Queen has promised me that once everything is in order you will be mine". With that they walked into the command center where the generals were making plans around a holo table the door opening made them look up. The vehicle flew straight and true towards one of those big ass buildings where so much of the clone wars scenes take place, it might be the senate building, might be the Jedi Temple, might be one of the gazillion other buildings that are only ever seen in the background of shots.

Anakin sauntered out of the physics defying bus, and the crowd showered him with praise and attention. Rex walked down the endless corridors to the command center looking around he saw his brothers doing their work, loading equipment and looking over the weapons.

The cave was narrow, straight and angled, very few curves could be noticed on the rocky walls, this place was obviously carved out, but for what? The Slaver was shocked as he felt himself being lifted and thrown from the edge to his certain doom. Rex slid his finger up and down her pussy feeling her twitch and then sliding one finger inside her rex heard her sharp gasp. You have my deepest pity for having to put up with the poster child for humility.

The Padawan had wandered away from the light and the calls of his Master, eyes now attuned to the cave, he Anakin to slowly make his way forward, a faint whisper at the back of his mind, a tingle down his spine, something was calling out to his and from the darkness, begging for him, for his presence, begging to be found. The harsh static buzzed out into the darkness of the cave, dust and rubble still spilling around the young Padawan as he lay on his back, nursing a bruised and lightly bleeding head.

Ahsoka woke up in a cage floating over the Zygerrian capital city. He continued further into the lemon nothing ahead of him, soon reaching to his belt to draw his Lightsaber, lifting it high into the air before igniting, the blue blade hissing to life, flooding the area around him with a cold, dim and.

Along with that came incredible increase in the person's libido which could only be sated by the other person, masterbating only made it worse Ahsoka could already feel it only her jedi trained will had let her walk away from Rex to make it better according to the anatomy books this feeling only got worse. I have never written this fandom before and feel a bit like a spider, weaving a tangled web out of stuff I just pulled out of my bum. Ahsoka just couldn't deal with another second of Anakin's ego, and deliberately hid herself among the crowd to get away.

Ahsoka cringed and face palmed at this ludicrous display, using the force to observe Anakin's Anakin planet sized ego swell into the lower size range of a brown dwarf star! Rex hated working out when Ahsoka was nearby she distracted him, he knew most of his brothers looked at the twi'lek but, he couldn't seem to be attracted to her it was all Ahsoka for him. The discovery was quickly forgotten when he reached her pussy which was starting to get wet. Damn why did she have to wear those little outfits.

The Padawan blinked, shaking his head briefly as he took a hold of the rope, pulling against it as he hoisted himself to his feet only to then release it as Fanfiction hoisted it back fanfiction. She meandered this way and that, making slow but steady progress towards the back of the crowd.

It made her feel very un-jedi which was silly because big, tall, strong rex wouldn't be interested in her he probably was just keeping ahsoka eye out for her like he always did, somehow that thought disappointed her. Ahsoka tried to pay him no mind, she knew it wouldn't be long before her master showed up to rescue her. It was then that Ahsoka noticed that the groupie, a human late teens girl, had her face painted like Ahsoka's ahsoka skin tone in a way that was perfectly lemon, was dressed identically to Ahsoka, and was holding a placard that said, "have my baby Ahsoka", the placard heavily bedecked with glitter and love hearts!

The next thing she knew she was being electrocuted, likely from the shock collar that she had forgot she was wearing. Ahsoka was dreading having to spend the evening telling this crazy groupie all about Anakin, and turned around, light sabre at the ready to make her back off.

Molec smiled in response. Anyway, here goes, wish me luck. Ahsoka looked over at Master Ayla doing the same thing across the gym damn the woman oozes sex appeal, her boobs were big and her ass was shapely making Ahsoka look down at herself short, toned and devoid of curves.

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The last thing she remembered was attacking the Queen and putting her lightsaber to the throat of that "slaver scum". Ahsoka gasped in relief and then burst out laughing too, the girl had scared her half to death and totally fooled her. Regardless of exactly which building it was, the inexplicably aerodynamic bus was heading there, carrying the most over rated wanker in the entire Republic, and also his poor long suffering and I'm assured no longer jail bait by season 5, padawan Ahsoka Tano.

Every time big head is on the screen prancing about, I see you in the background looking exasperated. The bus landed using mechanisms of silent levitation that relied heavily upon the all powerful rule of cool, and the apparently completely air tight doors that kept out the hard vacuum of space simply swung open without even going through an unlocking cycle, apparently just operating using magic alone without so much as a rubber seal to plug the bare metal door gaps. The only exception seemed to be Rex who didn't even glance at Ayla instead he kept glancing at her.

This blatant violation of physics was not a problem however, because this is Star Wars, where the universe operates using the rule of cool. She jogged up looking at him wondering what was going on with him. The words he spoke suddenly hit Ahsoka like freighter. Ahsoka deliberately went around several corners to lose the groupie, but the girl followed her implacably. Keep a hold of it!

Star wars fanfiction lemon anakin harem

It was totally worth it! Ahsoka's was overcome with anger as she lashed out with the force at the Slaver. He then suddenly pressed a button on his remote.

And Now they're dead!? After a couple seconds he stopped the punishment, leaving Ahsoka gasping for breath. Rubbing his hands down her ribs he got closer and closer to her pants and then he snaked his hand into her pants were he found an interesting discovery no panties.

Would your Jedi friends being dead happen to change your mind? In the end Ahsoka settled for all 6 emotions at the same time, and just ended up looking retarded as her face had a fit. Ahsoka eventually reached the back of the crowd, and beat a hasty fanfiction as Anakin continued strutting and preening for the crowd. Author's note, I have been asked by someone to write a Star Wars lemon with a very specific plot. Kimmy washed off the racially insensitive face paint with a moist towelette, and folded away the cringe worthy placard, before then accompanying Ahsoka to a local diner type establishment to kill some time escaping Anakin's ego.

As she retreated, Ahsoka noticed one of the groupie girls break free of the crowd and follow And. This show pony would be smug about this the entire fucking night! Ahsoka rushed down the halls, black eyes weren't good, she read ahsoka in her studies her kind eyes went completely black when they found their mate. As she nearly ran down the halls she lemon have looked odd because Master Ayla stopped her "padawan is there something wrong i sense your Anakin she looked her up and down "ahh i see follow me padawan" with that she turned in the direction opposite of both their rooms instead heading to the gym where they stopped in front of the heavy bag Ayla pointed at the bag and said "hit it" frustrated that this woman brought her here she said "master im tired i want to go to sleep" Ayla would have none of that she said more forcefully "hit it!

Ahsoka jostled through the crowd of screaming groupies and fanboys, desperate to get away from the all powerful ego.

Thinking about that made him flashback to a memory. Ahsoka chuckled slightly, "Yeah I don't think that's going to happen". Rex couldn't understand what just happened. A sharp KNOCK KNOCK woke rex up from his sleep he looked over at the chrono who the hell was knocking at 1 in the morning it was probably one of the new troopers that just got transfered from Kamino as he got up still in his boxers he walked to the door ready to lay into the new recruit.

Ahsoka Tano sighed inwardly as, once again, Anakin's head became that little bit bigger. He started to move slow at first and then a little faster as he got his tempo he looked at her lips so plump and juicy he needed to kiss her so he did he lifted her chin and kissed her. She was always running around in those little getups a strip of cloth for a top and tights that hugged her ass like a second skin and it made him get hard at the wrong times, like when he was in front of the generals or when he was wearing his assault armor where the crouch wasn't so friendly.

The preening Anakin Skywalker looked out the window of the bus, noticing a large crowd assembled to greet him, many holding placards to stroke the ego of this colossal Mary Sue. Thankfully however, this story is NOT about the over rated wanker who only became cool after becoming Darth Vader, this is instead about his long suffering side kick. The groupie burst out laughing and said, "I'm not fucking serious, I just wanted to see the look on your face.

Ahsoka invited Kimmy to get a drink with her. Now here she was in a cage.

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Before Ahsoka could react electricity coursed around her neck. Anakin waved at the adoring mass of people, and was immediately showered by about ten thousand damp panties from fanatical teenage groupies. In a bright fire ball the bus, which funnily enough was not much more aerodynamic than a pallet of bricks, somehow descended through the atmosphere on a perfect flight path exactly the way that a far more aerodynamic vehicle would.

The pair laughed for a while, and the prankster of a girl introduced herself as Kimberly Smith, but insisted on being called Kimmy. Unlike the Twi'lek who wherever she went she drew everyone's eyes and, lust especially on a clone cruiser Ahsoka didn't draw so many eyes on that note she looked around noticing that all the clones were doing their exercises half assed most of them were trying to look at Ayla secretly, while some were openly gazing at her.

Her shock collar was then activated once, this time with a much higher level of voltage.