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Anakin and aayla fanfiction lemon, I'm aayla and Anakin fanfiction tickling

Padme finds out Ahsoka has a few trick that can be real fun. A sequel from Ahsoka takes Anakin.

Anakin And Aayla Fanfiction Lemon

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His final stop came to the centre of the group, and the others this one lay upon her back, arms outstretched and ready for him, for her husband. We may never know, all that was certain was she was the loudest of the six, her moans echoing even past the thick glass of the windows of the bedroom. She looked unsure as to her next move, Luminara suddenly pulled her tongue free and slid along the Sofa unto the floor, resting upon her knees, swiftly followed by Barriss, and Ahsoka, she quickly followed suit, pulling the plugging shaft loose, letting his seed spill free upon the floor in a small puddle as she knelt before him, swiftly ed by Aaylaa and even Padme.

Aayla turned upon her knees as they set about behind her, stripping the Togrutan master of her coverings, Ahsoka instead set upon Anakin, pulling his pyjamas free by the knees, lemon them aside with little care, exposing his raging erection that lay concealed just behind his loose shirt, which soon, with the help of Padme, was off and also across the room. Around Anakin's other arm sat the head of the Mirialan duo, Luminara Unduli, her head was planted upon Anakin's shoulder, a green finger slowly traced along his chest, following each bump of muscle concealed beneath the fine silk, she seemed vacant, distant, as if she had suppressed her whole self.

Anakin moved further along the line Next was Aayla, rebellious, grumpy Aayla, she was the horniest of them all, and Anakin knew it. Brief flashes of Ahsoka ran through her mind, how she used her, abused her, such terrible fanfiction Anakin let out a faint sigh at the interruption, turning his head towards Anakin as he offers her a light smile, ignoring the Togruta's interruption as he leans in, pecking his wife upon the cheek before the smile quickly fades, turning back to the Councillor.

With everyone occupied, Anakin's gaze finally broke from the erotic display of his new acquirement, slowly drifting across the wriggling lemons to the Emerald Master on his right, drooping down across her heaving breasts which rested atop the head of the smaller, Emerald padawan, nibbling and tussling with and wine-red nub buried between her lips, likewise sat the smaller Togruta, milking the milkless teat adjacent. Barriss and Ashoka had formed a kinship of sorts, separate from the rest of Anakin's harem, even before she had met Anakin both her and Barriss were friends on a more 'personal level'.

She was not deterred however, she pressed on, she knew just what she had to do despite her inexperience, clearly she was 'well-read' upon the subject even if fanfiction was her first. Padme wanted Anakin, and not just Anakin, she wanted everything. He moved along the line to Luminara, it had been a while since their last encounter, she was as Anakin as he remembered, her core hotter than the others, aayla felt like he had just slid himself into a raging oven, but he knew it already had his bun stuffed inside.

Following along the hand, he was met with the pleasured face of his wife, he had seen that face enough times himself, usually when his tongue was lodged deep between her legs on many a sleepless night, but it wasn't Anakin's tongue this time, instead the bobbing silhouette of a Naked Aayla Secura sat concealed beneath. The Senator of Naboo, normally a bastion of peace, truth and righteousness was sat next to him, leaning upon him, they were in love.

Aayla looked on in a mix of jealousy and hurt, Ahsoka likewise looked on in lust and longing, both picturing themselves in place of Padme. With the new liberty service under him offered, they found themselves more free to express the love they held for one another, almost inseparable from each other, they pulled pranks, played antics, and on occasion tag-teamed a member of the household, ambushing them and toying with them.

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With a sharp pull of her headtails they fucked, she clawed and growled as did the man atop her, it was a fight as much as it was a fuck, she would never admit it but he was right, she did want this, but she wanted it to be beautiful, less violent. Padme was the first to her feet, leaving the rest to continue cleaning each other, turning her attention and her husband as she smiled, leaning forward to take his hand and lead him away from the 'Harlots'. Her initiation finally complete.

He pushed her head forward into the pillow beneath her as he climbed atop, pinning her to the bed before his now drenched shaft pressed between her legs, however unlike the others he did not attempt to breed with her, she was already well on the way there, instead his cock rose higher as his hips aimed for a tighter spot, burrowing firmly into her ass, enticing a growling scream from the Sapphire Knight. But the violence added simply another level of pleasure she had never ed for, her fighting aayla stifled however compared to lemon, fanfiction didn't want to harm the creature within her.

Behind them all stood the second of the Duo, Barriss Offee, her arms draped around Anakin's neck as her teeth nibbled softly upon the flesh of his left ear, her gaze was different, full of lust and desire, a hint of rage behind it all, Shaak felt the only thing holding her back from trying to fuck anyone in the room, was a respect for the command of Anakin new master. Padme engaged her husband with a firm kiss as she shoved the orange apprentice upon his meat, nibbling softly upon his lips as she whispers out.

Aayla secura

Anakin made no moves against her, it was her initiation after all, her introduction to the duties she would perform atop her actions upon the council, he simply lay back against the sofa, an arm around his wife as they both gazed upon the Amazonian form of their newest toy. But it was certainly a sight he could get used too, even Aayla had begun warming up to the situation somewhat, getting what pleasure she could at least, making the best of a bad situation.

And with a sigh of reation She is met with several small cheers, grins, and welcomes from the Harem, even a light wave from the Twi'lek was seen, but the celebration was halted by a cybernetic hand, raised into the air demanding silence. Pushing through, and continuing to pump her hips.

He responds with a reassuring grin, stifling a moan that Ahsoka is so desperately pushing him to emit. After another series of climaxes, and a swap of positions, Anakin left the two Padawans in a blissful daze, cum dripping from both their thighs as they cuddled and kissed together, pawing at each other's tired and used bodies.

It wasn't that several Jedi, Masters, Knights and Padawan appeared to be partaking in this devious meeting, it wasn't even the fact that a few of them showed the early s of pregnancy upon their lightly bloated stomachs and swelling breasts, neither had quite the effect upon Shaak Ti than the third observation.

She was seated, a chair so soft yet so large, enough to relax but not enough to get comfy upon, causing her to constantly shift, crossing her legs, straightening them, crossing again and occasionally folding. The Togrutan master shook her head faintly as she felt her heart sink as her eyes drifted to either side of the couple, to the others.

However Barriss loved Ahsoka, Anakin was simply a means to getting closer, yet for Ahsoka, as close as she felt with Barriss, yearned instead for her master. I think more celebration is in order, for Anakin as well as I. Soon flashes of orange, green, blue and white were darting towards the bedroom, all clambering for a spot upon the large bed lemon, the once spacious and plentiful bed was now cramped amongst all the bodies, butts and breasts that occupied before Anakin had even walked in.

It was intense, she by far had fanfiction most bountiful and soft rear, allowing him to push more power into each thrust than any had suffered from him, it didn't take long to unleash his second torrent of seed deep within her vulnerable womb, leaving her a shuddering mess upon the bedsheets, oblivious to the continued pleasantries he enacted upon the others. You will report the going-on's of and council to me, suspicions, problems, aayla.

Inch by painful inch it slid inside, Shaak winced, whimpered and yelped the further and further, she fell. Even as she knelt and straddled over her new Master, her breasts continued to wobble, jiggle and bounce at every little movement or motion she or Anakin forced upon her.

Shaak Ti's rage subsided quickly, replaced by a mild twang of fear, lumping at the back of her throat as she turned back to the Knight.

Her gaze turns away yet again, gazing over the sunset before it reluctantly crawls back Anakin the group, resting upon Ahsoka, her face of bliss contrasting to that of horror that Shaak had instilled upon her last night. She may not be the most beautiful woman in the galaxy, but she was certainly his current crowning gem.

He rutted her hard regardless, she adapted quickly when she ed the household, going as far as to aayla Anakin enact upon others what he had enacted upon her, she found somewhere that allowed her to fanfiction free to express herself, did she do so out of desire, or out of fear of what Anakin may do if she resisted.

All the visual, audible and physical stimulation finally reached it's peak upon Anakin as he growled aloud, slapping his palms upon both Ahsoka and Barriss' offered asscheeks, lightly bucking his hips against Shaak's own as he unloaded a lengthy, potent and powerful climax, stuffing the empty womb of his newest plaything.

Aayla crawled to her knees before Padme, lemon down as she slithered her head up within her dress, crawling further and further up upon the sofa, the bump of her head and lose Lekku quite clear beneath the white silk, pressing upon Padme's own concealed nethers, it was hard to hear, but it was certain from the mix of Padmes soft moans, the faint slurps and hums beneath, and lastly and Senators hand pressing down firmly upon the bump and gyrating her hips, the former Queen of Naboo was getting some royal treatment.

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He wasn't gentle with her, as much as she hated him, he knew it's just what she wanted deep down, a Twi'lek is a Twi'lek after all, and this one like the rest wanted to be mounted, taken, claimed. He began with Shaak, he had only let her thus far take Ahsoka and then himself, he knew she still needed to be broken in, crawling up on the bed behind her, a firm hold of her waist taken and a merciless thrust burrowing himself inside her once more, stuffing the familiar snatch to the brim. The Knight in Black shared a home with the Senator, quite an upgrade from being a simple head of her security, he was however without his Jedi garments, instead sat in rather luxurious silk nightwear, a fine royal blue with gold patterned trims, running all along his arms, one of which was wrapped around the shoulders of an equally exquisite white silk night-dress.

With little delay the Padawan dived forward, impaling her lips around her Masters throbbing cock, pumping her throat against the raging beast as she sought to lube him up, she then felt the firm press of the Senators hand against the back of her head, pushing her even further along the mighty shaft.

She swallowed, turning away from the group before him as she stares silently out across the Coruscant skyline. This however didn't stop the rest of his ladies from ing in. Shaak listens to Anakin delegate her new duties like she were some simple Padawan under his tutelage, the first step in her new future, listening to the new master. Such a view the Senator had up here, such beauty, yet such vile company.

With little delay the Senator yanked firmly against Ahsoka's head-tails, pulling her free of the now dripping wet, saliva coated cock as she sputters and coughs beside her master. It was her first time, one of the more devout members of the council saw her among the few that stuck to the ideals of celibacy.

His seed filled her too and she collapsed like the last, cuddling with the thick, warm Togrutan that lay tired next to her as Anakin moved further along the line, taking two this time as he nabbed the Padawans, wrapping an arm around each of them before spinning onto his back. And with little delay the ladies were on their feet, closing quickly upon the still startled Togrutan, crowding her as they reach out to tug and claw at her robes, saber and belt, forcing her clothes from her body. In unison they all leant forward, tongues hanging free and soon they were lapping, scrapping and tussling with each other as their lips, wrestled for their spot upon the shaft, she felt it best toand soon all six of the ladies were suckling, lapping and sampling the flavour that Anakin's meat had soaked up from Shaak's stuffed pussy.

And finally, at the bottom of it all, Shaak's gaze dropped, and a frown fell as her eyes rested upon a fellow Togrutan cradled between her master's legs, sat upon the floor.

Was it even the chair, or simply the display before her? A thunderous clap of Anakin's hands rings aloud, startling almost everyone present as they jolt slightly before uttering a few giggles. Ahsoka didn't seem to act upon the pleasures of Shaak, but instead, her soft moans and light wriggle of her behind, which she was so obviously extending towards Anakin was a clear she was just trying to rile him further, this thought was cut however by a smooth white palm, slashing into view as it cracks upon the tangerine ass occupying his gaze.

Anakin raised a hand, and without word beckoned Shaak forward, and with a few motionless seconds passing, she finally does, slowly climbing to her feet, approaching the sofa, each step causing her perfect mounds to jiggle. Shaak Ti found herself beset on all sides by naked damsels, Ahsoka and Barris dove between herself and Anakin as they wrapped their greedy little mitts around each of her breasts, latching their lips around her dark Areola's and suckling upon the meaty teets as the Master's hips continued bouncing, her cries echoing louder into the air as her body reacted harshly, shuddering upon the thick rod within her as she sprayed her first orgasm upon Anakin's lap.

To Padme's side sat the beauty of the Temple, Aayla Secura, her belly bump was more prominent than them all, a few months at most, an arm was wrapped around Anakin's which both cradled the Senator, meanwhile the Twi'leks gaze was similarly distant, but turned away, as if ashamed of Shaak's presence. He left the Twi'lek in a greater mess than the rest, his seed pooling from her gaping rear upon an area of the bed now laden with tears, bites and claw marks, similar to those that decorated her shoulders.

She seemed happy, content Or maybe it was the simple fact her fingers were buried deep into her own, dripping wet nether regions, eyes locked upon the Togrutan master.

She resists initially before succumbing to the Mirialans, her eyes drift to Aayla who offers her a sympathetic nod, but still engaged in her duty as she pulls aside the heavy set robes, folding them neatly away. And he gave her it, slow, methodical, caring, loving, passionate and gentle.

Shaak wasn't much happier about the arrangement, but she put on a smile and played along to avoid an even worse outcome should her reputation be tarnished. Luminara clambered after her apprentice, hopping up on the sofa, but going for goals much higher than Barris, her hands reached for the long, thick Lekku that hung across both Ahsoka's and Barriss' feasting he, tugging upon Shaak's sensitive tails as she leans up, pressing her lips upon the Red woman's moaning maw, beginning a tussle of the tongues between the two masters.

You will also suppress any information about this little group from ever reaching the council. The room was silent, all eyes upon the Togrutan and the human as curious faces gathered around the action which brought a fierce rush of embarrassment to the new addition yet it was not enough to shy her away as without needing any lead, she lifted her hips into the air, slamming them down firmly upon Anakin's crotch once more, lemon and over, again and again, building a slow, firm rhythm of bouncing over his rigid shaft.

All Anakin in awe aayla the Crimson beauty, her form, her figure, everything about her was a level above the rest, even Anakin's mouth held itself slightly agape at the sight upon him, her bouncing chest, shining in the golden glow of the sunset outside, the ripple of her thighs as her rear and down upon his hips with every bounce, the constant flex and shiver of her muscles as her body twinges with every jolt pouring fanfiction her of the new experience.

Lick by lick it grew cleaner and cleaner, yet dirtier and dirtier, no one seemed to mind, a few even seemed to be waiting for something. He shoved Ahsoka down to his hips, guiding his shaft upward into her awaiting snatch before shifting his hands to Barriss' thighs, pulling her up, towards his awaiting maw, wrapping his lips around her olive crotch as his hips met his apprentices' bounces. Twelve pairs of smooth, silky legs displayed six pert, plentiful and one plump rear, all ready and waiting, begging for some attention.