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Aj lee and cm punk fanfiction, Lee baby picking and punk fanfiction flirtbook

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Aj Lee And Cm Punk Fanfiction

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AJ Lee wandered around her room interrogating her feeling for a tattooed-sarcastic man. The way he made her laugh was his most intriguing feature, he turned her on.

Name: Ardra
Age: 31
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I like: Riding a horse
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You wore burgundy to your wedding! Suddenly he pulled away from the tight embrace to rip his shirt off revealing the toned muscles you were overly familiar with. Submit a post Archive. And now it was time to go and see the bride herself to collect your dress for the big day. Being in the company for a short period of time, you tended to have your fair share of friends among the backstage area; some new and some old.

Your fingers flicked against the glass, causing punks attention to direct towards you as he took his final gulp of liquor. AJ giggled a little as she went and sat back at the foot of the bed. Winter is Coming.

Today was the day. Just go home if you want to. From your first days in the Performance Centre to your first day on the main roster, AJ Lee seemed to be your shadow throughout the whole journey. A small breath hitched in your throat as you paid more attention to the colour; quickly realising that the colour was practically identical to the shade of the dress you were wearing on that night all those months ago.

Stepping through the door; your eyes were almost instantly diverted towards the dark burgundy suit-clad figure standing at the door; coincidentally coordinated with your burgundy bodycon. You were perched on one of the several metal crates scattered around the corridors, AJ sat closely to your side as you tried desperately to diminish the small bumps that protruded from your skin due to the icy winds that ran through the building. Well at least two people get to be happy….

I actually really enjoyed writing this slightly long and angsty fic so I do hope you enjoyed reading it! Recently Liked. Post a few drinks you felt as though it was time to just go home and forget about the whole day all together. You had to think fast… Just think of an excuse.

Trying to hide your feelings a month ago was one thing but now… well marriage is involved…. Anyone at this point would be tispy, to say the least.

The faint taste of whiskey radiated from his kiss as his teeth delicately scraped across your lips. Everyone except you…as you now stood thinking maybe you should have objected their joy for your own personal satisfaction. Within the bar, music was blaring and drinks were pouring- the main that this night would be a buzz; drunk or not.

Your personalities just clicked.

Wwe imagines — cm punk - drunk in love.

Or request some shit. As the night progressed and the sunlight disappeared- still all you could set your mind to was the words of this man. Originally posted by stephslays. The softness in his voice was a stark contrast to the brash tone implemented when cutting one of his world-renowned promos which ultimately caused your cheeks to flush a shade of crimson; much like it had for the 4 months whenever he even came close to muttering your name.

That was before though… before the single thought of loving a man turned into complete devastation. The sudden realisation of what you were resorting to all hit you at once ultimately resulting in streams of warm tears to fall down the edges of your face. Rolling down your cheeks you wiped them clear with your orbs focused on the man before you. Just go be happy. Drinks after drink were poured. Your vision was almost uncontrollable and it was hard to even maintain eye contact with your best friend. In a matter of seconds, your heart sank to the pit of your stomach at the mere sight of the large rock on the finger as she lifted her hand.

It seemed your mind was so focused on that idea that you failed to notice the tall stature approaching right in front of your eyes. It seemed the only way to restrict your mind from going back to the altar was to drown it in alcohol. How you doing though?

A lot can change in a few months…. Word Count - 3, words.

Requested By: x-fallen-x-devil-x. This time… on the rocks.

The exact colour we were both wearing that day, the day I ruined everything and realised how much I wanted you. Got it. I thought you were sick… Hold on wait, are you drunk? Did he mean in general or just in the ring… with that still in your head, you grabbed your bags to leave a night to think over the whole shebang.

Every wrong footing, every minor or major injury, just anything stopping you from competing one night, she was there. At least you can. It was a strain juggling both conversations and the fact that tears were brimming at your waterline. Was he really nervous around you?

Being in the hometown of a few of the women in the company with a whole night free of troubles; of course, a party was called for and of course that clearly meant you getting absolutely wasted and making a fool of yourself. After a mere 7 days, you came to the end of yet another show and yet another night of flirtatious comments with Cm Punk. Shifting the title belt higher onto his shoulder, his free hand ran through his slick hair and his cheeks formed a light peach colour; a stark contrast to the metal structures neighboring you.

Well, clearly not… Being in the hometown of a few of the women in the company with a whole night free of troubles; of course, a party was called for and of course that clearly meant you getting absolutely wasted and making a fool of yourself.

Of course, you watched on eagerly as Punk had his match against Jeff Hardy; an opponent who was known to go full force. Posts Likes Following Talk to us! The reader goes out and gets drunk and ends up ringing Punk and drunkenly confessing her feelings for him. Rubbing up and down your arms in order to eradicate the hairs that were now visibly standing upwards, you were close to being hypnotized as you looked directly at each individual tattoo scribbled across his body, intently tracing each outline with your orbs.

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You walked into the luxurious hotel room, to see AJ standing in her intricately detailed and no doubt ludicrously expensive dress; a burgundy satin dress clasped in her hand was being held towards you by her lace covered arm. Where the hell have you been? Grasping your phone out of your pocket, you scrolled through the recent contacts in order to find the taxi service before pressing your thumb onto it.

A lone tear freed itself from the strain of restriction it was put upon. That was clear when eighteen glasses were scatted in front of the nearly lifeless body of you; your head slumped against the dark mahogany wood… This is and will always be, the single worst day of your life. Standing centre of the over-crowded reception room, AJ approached you beaming in a state of utter delight.

When AJ approached the crowd… that was when the waterworks were turned on. It was almost as though she was just your other half- I mean it was safe to say she was practically your sister the amount she depended on you, even if mostly it was for making food.

Thank you so much guys! Tag Friends - m-a-t irish-newzealand-idian-dutch youhoebag yalikejazzzzz lauren-novak. One drink easily lead to two drinks; then on, drink after drink was being practically forced down your throat. A faint chuckle could be just about heard in amongst the ongoing chatter of the backstage area. One thing was sure you were set out for one thing besides the championship belt… the man that held the prestigious other championship. Next thing you know, the door was slammed behind you as you stormed outside and ultimately back to the comfort of your home.

Well, clearly not….